Simple C++ Traffic Volume Logger - Designed for router appliance environments.
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ttraff Network Bandwidth Logger

The ttraff tool is an program to log how much bandwidth is moving through each interface and log it out to a database.

The traffic is logged per date and per interface.

An embedded webserver is also included to view graphs of the recorded data.



This software was written by me to help build a legal case against my old ISP - adapted from code inside DD-WRT.

It was written in a short period of time to be run on a very low RAM, x86 embedded Linux router running Ubuntu, without much care taken for making things easy for other people to use, or much testing.

I have very little experiance of C++, so I can't say the code is very secure.

Please use at your own risk and NOT IN PRODUCTION!


  • Traffic Bandwidth Totals Logging
  • SQLite Storage Backend
  • Embedded webserver
  • Pretty graphs


On Ubuntu 10.04, make sure you install: apt-get install libsqlite3-dev libmicrohttpd-dev

Then cd into the src folder, make && make install

Documentation & Usage

Run the program with the ttraffd command.

Visit it at http://serverip:8888/

View traffic graphs - That's about all there is to it.

Open Source Projects Used

This was origionally based on the code from the DD-WRT project along with some other libs and SQLite.

I'll add full details here when I can.


The GPL version 3, read it at


Any help is always welcome, please contact sam [at] and we can discuss any help you would like to give.