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A PHP Protocol Buffer Generator Plugin for protoc
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PHP Protocol Buffers

This is a PHP Google Protocol Buffer Generator Plugin for protoc. It generates PHP sourcecode from a .proto file. It's not finished, but supports most common features, and is currently in use in production systems.


  1. Download and install the Protocol Buffer source from
  2. Build and install the Protocol Buffer source (see instructions in source)
  3. Download this repo.
  4. cd to this repo's source and type "make".

** NOTE,

System specifics

On Debian you may need the install a few libraries with apt apt:

apt-get install libprotobuf-dev libprotobuf-lite6 libprotobuf6 libprotoc-dev libprotoc6


Once compiled you can use it via protoc like so:

protoc -I. -I/usr/include --php_out . --plugin=protoc-gen-php=./protoc-gen-php your.proto

This will generate the file "YourProto.php", which will encode and decode protocol buffer messages. When using the generated PHP code you must include the "" file.


  • Better documentation
  • Better exception handling
  • Some kind of inheritance model to reduce generated PHP code
  • option (php_multiple_files) support.
  • option (php_package) support
  • make install to a bash wrapper so that we can do something like protocphp your.proto


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