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World-of-MapCraft - World of Warcraft Slippy Maps

To see the maps in action:

For an explanation of how it all works:

Generating the map tiles

This code will help you to generate your own set of map tiles. It wont work immediately out of the box - there's some fiddling involved. There are many more maps included in WoW than are used on the website - try extracting some different ones!


  • Make sure you have at least 10 GB of space!
  • Install ImageMagick
  • Install MPQExtractor & BLPConverter
    • Both of these tools require cmake to build
  • Create some folders:
    • mpqs - base MPQ files will go here
    • blps - extracedt BLP files will go here
    • pngs - PNGs converted from BLPs will go here
    • maps - Preview maps will go here
    • built - Final built tilesets will go here
    • It is very helpful for these folders to be accessible in a browser.
  • Modify build/config.php with the paths and URLs to these folders
  • Copy MPQ files from your WoW install, specifically:
    • art.MPQ
    • world.MPQ
    • wow-update-nnnnn.MPQ (multiple files)
    • wow-update-base-nnnnn.MPQ (multiple files)
    • You'll find them all inside the Data subfolder of your WoW installation


  • Extract the BLP and WMO files from the MPQs:

    • ./ is a good starting point
    • This will take a few minutes!
  • Run build/0_rename.php to fix path casing.

    • You don't need to do this if you have the -c option in MPQExtractor
  • Run build/1_convert.php to convert all of the BLP files to PNGs

    • This takes a while!
    • You should now have lots of sub-folders in the pngs folder
  • Run build/2_combine.php to make HTML previews or all the maps

    • You can now browse the maps subfolder and view everything you extracted
    • The files ending --16 use lower-resolution files so are good for quick previews
  • Once you know the tiles you want, modify the code at the top of build/3_build.php

    • The defaults are set for patch 4.3, extracting a few different maps - you may want more or less
    • They include combining multiple maps and patching over unused parts of tiles
    • This script builds the most-zoomed level of tiles for the final maps
    • The background colors specified here need to match build/colors.php
  • Run build/4_recombine.php to preview your creaed tilesets

    • The $size setting at the top lets you change the preview output size
    • Choose 16 or smaller to load the quick preview images
  • Run build/5_resize.php to build the other zoom levels

    • This will take a long time for big maps
  • You should now be able to view your slippy maps!

    • Modify www/index.php to point to the tiles
    • Also add the zoom levels & dimensions here
  • If you want to put the tiles on S3, use build/6_sync.php

  • To compress the PNGs for faster serving, use build/7_crush.php

  • If you want to make WMO maps, you'll need some extra tools:

    • build/wmo_build.php to assemble a flat image from a WMO group
    • build/wmo_assemble.php to assemble multiple flats into a tileset
    • From there, you can use build/5_resize.php to build the other zoom levels

Changes in MoP

  • art.MPQ has been renamed textures.MPQ
  • Expansion minimap textures have been moved to exspansionX.MPQ files
  • world2.MPQ is gone, with contents moved into a bunch of new MPQs
  • All patch MPQs have no prefix (this changed in cata in March 2012)

To find new WMOs to build and preview for MoP, I used the following commands:

find dungeon | grep pa_ | grep .blp | perl -pi -e's!_\d\d\d_\d\d_\d\d.blp!!' | \
    sort | uniq | perl -pi -e's/(.*)\/(.*?)$/$1!!$2/' >> wmos.txt
find pandaria | grep .blp | perl -pi -e's!_\d\d\d_\d\d_\d\d.blp!!' | \
    sort | uniq | perl -pi -e's/(.*)\/(.*?)$/$1!!$2/' >> wmos.txt

This found all WMO groups under either the pandaria folder, or inside the dungeons folder with a prefix of pa_. I then used this list to make a bunch of calls to build_wmo_map() in wmo_build.php.