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Queryless, with Rework

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Queryless is a rework utility to automatically create media-query free stylesheets for archaic browsers such as IE8.


Simply pass in queryless to your rework pipeline with an array of media queries you would like to extract. The match is based on the media queries you are using in your project. They don't have to be an exact match, but is a subset. Look in test/cases for examples.

// Create a stylesheet with all media queries that match
// larger than 600px wide and the print media block.

var keepmatches = [
  'screen and (min-width: 600px)', // assumes the units entered here are the same used in your CSS.

var css = rework(input)

Upgrade Note

The 0.0.x branch was much more complex and attempted to dynamically resolve media queries. This was over-complicated waste—you know your media-queries best.

In 0.1.x the match is string based. It should be much quicker and much more dependable in complex situations.