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This bundle is to assist in downloading files from the browser. It has 2 primary purposes

* download a protected file
* force downloading of files, instead of executing in browser

To use the bundle, at a minimum, you need to add a 'download_location' field to your model.
This can be a full path on the local server or a url to the file, if it is located on a different server.
You can optionally put the a 'download_filesize' field, to make sure the file size if displayed
during in the download dialog.  If the 'download_filesize' is not provided, finding the file size
from the file will be attempted, but this is not always successful.

The default route for the download is download/Application\YourBundle\Entity(Document)\Model/:id

If you use a local file, the filename should be from the app root.

I have not tested the odm at all, so no promises on that. Also, I do not have any tests
written for the controller.