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World Anvil Community Repository

Welcome weary and mighty traveller

This repository is a list of all templates (Role Playing Games blocks) and skin created for World Anvil by the community.


By using this repository you agree to abide to the World Anvil Community License


  • Are you one of those amazing individuals happy to create a template or two, or five for your favorite RPG systems?
  • Do you have some very basic coding knowledge?
  • Do you enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of having hundreds of people be thankful to you?

If you have answered yes to at least 2 of the above with YES then you are in the right place!

Getting started

In order to start working you will need to read the :

That's all. - Get started!

Getting help

You can receive help from many way :

  • If you are not already there join us at the World Anvil Discord Server and the #coders-anonymous channel
    (You can alsoassign yourself the Computer Programmer role to gain access to the #coders-anonymous channel )
  • Alternatively you can always ask questions here or mail me directly at