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Break from 3.0.0

  • No longer support Node.js 0.10, add support for Node.js 4
  • Pleeease's API is now async only to match PostCSS guidelines.
// old way in pleeease 3.0.0
var result = pleeease.process(css, opts);
// result.css

// new way in pleeease 4.0.0
pleeease.process(css, opts).process(function (result) {
  // result.css
}).catch(function (err) {
  // err

// or with PostCSS
postcss([pleeease(opts)]).process(css, opts).then( ... );
  • Remove pleeease.NEXT. If you rely on it, you should read this issue. Use cssnext instead directly, or add it to your workflow with the new modules option (see below).


  • Use PostCSS 5
  • Use Autoprefixer 6 and all other PostCSS modules based on PostCSS 5
  • Use node-sass 3 (Libsass), Stylus 0.52
  • New modules option to add own PostCSS plugin before or after Pleeease's ones.
// add color function
var opts = {
   modules: {
      after: [
var css = "a { background: color(red a(90%)) }";
pleeease.process(css, opts).then(function (result) {
   // result.css == "a{background:rgba(255,0,0,.9)}"
  • New vmin option to convert vmin unit for IE9 (#11)


  • browsers key no longer override autoprefixer's one (#43)
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Update from v2.0.0

Pleeease package no longer contains CLI tool. You have to uninstall it and use pleeease-cli instead.

Fixed from 2.0.0

  • browsers option now accepts multiple browsers
  • Imported URLs are now rebased


PostCSS v4.0.0 & Autoprefixer v5.1.0

Preprocessors (experimental)

You can now combine preprocessors and postprocessors easily, as they are included in Pleeease. Simply choose one from options:

    "less": true,
    "autoprefixer": true

Three most famous preprocessors: Sass, LESS ans Stylus.
It simplifies a lot when using with Gulp or any other similar tool, mainly if you want sourcemaps support.

Expose Pleeease

Pleeease can now be used as a plugin, and can be chained with other PostCSS modules.

var fixed = postcss().use(pleeease(options)).use(minifier).process('a{}').css;
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PostCSS v3.0.0

Pixrem v1.0.0

Add some great improvements:

  • Don't generate fallbacks anymore when browsers without rem support don't understand the property/value (eg in media-queries (all at-rules actually), in properties like transform, border-radius, etc. and in values like calc() or linear-gradient()). A new option (atrules) allows to keep fallbacks in atrules if you really want it.
  • Get root font-size value if defined in CSS
html { font-size: 20px; }
.a { font-size: 2rem; }


html { font-size: 20px; }
.a { font-size: 40px; font-size: 2rem; }

Note: I'm now an official maintainer of this module. Fell free to ask me if you need updates. \o/

New browsers option

Allows you to override many options in one go. Accept same value as Autoprefixer and override it, based on CanIUse database (exactly as Autoprefixer)

For example, if you set:

  "browsers": ["ie 9"]

You will automatically have:

  "autoprefixer": { "browsers": ["ie 9"] },
  "rem": false,
  "opacity": false,
  "pseudoElements": false

mqpacker option set to false

Grouping media-queries may produce unwanted results, so mqpacker option is now disabled by default.

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Fix #22
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  • Adds opacity filter for IE8 (Fix #16)
  • Fix rem conversion from 1.0.0 (thanks to @eQRoeil)
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No more "subcategories" for options (old fallbacks and optimizers ones).

  "rem": true,
  "minifier": false


New values for autoprefixer and import:

  "autoprefixer": {"browsers": ["Android 2.3"]},
  "import": {"path": "root/to/path"}


Pleeease.NEXT allows to use future CSS's features, like custom properties, custom media-queries, calc and CSS4 color functions. Old variables option is now next.customProperties:

  "next": {
    "customProperties": true

Pleeease.NEXT is disabled by default, because features are at-risk. still up to date with all possible options.

See changelog for versions older than 1.0.0