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A lita handler that helps with code review without getting in the way.

The handler rotates, in order, through a list of names to provider a "reviewer" for some unit of work.


Add lita-reviewme to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-reviewme", github: "iamvery/lita-reviewme"


For the Github integration, you must set an access token in your lita_config.rb. You may use your Github account or create a special account just to leave notification comments. Regardless the user must have access to the repo being reviewed, and the token must be allowed to leave comments on pull requests.

# your bot's lita_config.rb
config.handlers.reviewme.github_access_token = ENV["GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN"]

The default message that is posted on GitHub pull request is :eyes: @<reviewer>. The message can be customized via config.handlers.reviewme.github_comment_template. If you would like the reviewer to be notified, be sure add %{reviewer} to your string.

# your bot's lita_config.rb
# Add %{reviewer} for the user to be tagged and notified on GitHub
config.handlers.reviewme.github_comment_template = "Hey %{reviewer}, check it out! :tada:"

Additionally, you can assign a lambda if you would like more finite control of what GitHub comments are sent. Note that reviewer and pull_request are required arguments.

# your bot's lita_config.rb
# Note:
# `reviewer` is a username string without the '@'
# `pull_request` is a hash object from GitHub API.

config.handlers.reviewme.github_comment_template = lamda do |reviewer, pull_request|
  title = pull_request[:title]
  "Hey #{reviewer}, check out my new PR called #{title} :tada:"

Your bot can assign a reviewer by adding a comment to the requested PR (default) or by requesting a review (or both).

# your bot's lita_config.rb
# Note:
# The following configuration will enable review requests and disable comments
config.handlers.reviewme.github_request_review = true  # default (false)
config.handlers.reviewme.github_comment = false        # default (true)


See who is in the review rotation.

Jay H. Nerdbot: reviewers

Nerdbot Responding via private message...

Nerdbot (privately) channel-name: iamvery, zacstewart, ...

Add a name to the review rotation

Jay H. Nerdbot: add kyfast to reviews

Nerdbot added kyfast to reviews

Remove a name from the review rotation

Jay H. Nerdbot: remove kyfast from reviews

Nerdbot removed kyfast from reviews

Fetch the next reviewer

Jay H. Nerdbot: review me

Nerdbot iamvery

Comment on a Github pull request or issue

This will post a comment mentioning the next reviewer on the referenced Github pull request or issue. In order for this to work, @wolfbrain must have access to the repository.

Jay H. Nerdbot: review

Nerdbot iamvery should be on it...

If your Github user is different from your chat user, you might tweak your notification settings to include your Github username.