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Inspired by MailCatcher, based on M3MTA
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Inspired by MailCatcher, easier to install.

Based on Mojolicious, born out of M3MTA.

** No longer under development - see Go-MailHog **


Getting started

Install dependencies:

cpanm --installdeps .

Start MailHog:

./bin/mailhog daemon --listen http://*:3000

The port specified is the Mojolicious application port, which currently does very little but will become the web UI to MailHog.

SMTP server

The SMTP server will attempt to listen on port 25 by default.

All SMTP configuration is currently in lib/

Development and production mode

Like any other Mojolicious application, you can start MailHog using morbo or hypnotoad.

You can also use any existing Mojolicious plugins in MailHog.


  • Refactor to use Mojo::Base instead of Moose
  • Use Mojo::EventEmitter for SMTP interface
  • Add REST API for other applications and web UI
  • Build web UI to interact with MailHog (potentially AngularJS/Bootstrap?)
  • Add backend storage for message persistence (M3MTA backend?)


Fork and send a pull request!


Copyright ©‎ 2014, Ian Kent (

Released under MIT license, see LICENSE for details.

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