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Repository for FubuMVC recipes / code-samples

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What is FubuMVC?

FubuMVC is an open-source compositional, convention-based framework for building complex web applications. Based on a "Front Controller" pattern-style MVC framework it is designed for use in web applications built on ASP.NET.

To learn more about FubuMVC head on over to the FubuMVC website.

What is FubuMVC.Recipes?

FubuMVC has a thriving community that is not only dedicated to the continued development of the framework but also devotes it's time to support and documentation; however with such rapidly emerging features and 'many ways to skin the preverbial cat' it was suggested a collection of code recipes might aid adoption for newbies.

What will you find here?

The aim is to organise recipes into a notional areas that make up typical requirements of a web application and allow contributors to provide code samples suggesting how that requirement can be implemented. Our intention is that all recipes will be built against the latest stable release of FubuMVC (NuGet) using buildsupport and rake scripts.


If you think we are missing a trick in making adoption easier with these recipes do shout on the FubuMVC mailing list. Even better why not become a contributor to this repository?


We welcome and encourage contributions and would suggest doing so by forking your own version of this repository and submitting a pull request, for more details on Git best-practice check out the Fubu contribute page.

We ask that all recipe submissions implement the following;

  • Contained Visual Studio solution with tests
  • Include readme.markdown with description of your recipe
  • Include nuget.config in solution directory pointing at /src/packages
  • Solution directory named "Recipe" that includes readme.markdown and nuget.config
  • Follow directory naming convention, see the Wiki headers here
  • Build successfully from command-line using Rake with no failing tests
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