A PulseAudio visualizer widget
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Impulse is a bit of eye-candy for your desktop. It is a widget that displays a graphical spectrum analyzer on your gnome desktop. It is written in c and python and uses GTK and cairo graphics to generate the animation. the impulse library creates a pulse audio connection context that reads the output stream from pulseaudio in a thread natively which can then be read from python. You can specify impulse to either output the raw stream or output the fft of the raw stream.

Screenlet version requires:

1) Install packages ( Ubuntu ):
sudo apt-get install python-gtk2 python-cairo libfftw3-3
If you are using the screenlets version
sudo apt-get install screenlets

2) Download and extract Impulse.tar.bz2
3) Execute program :
python Impulse/Impulse.py
or doubleclick Impulse.py file and click run
If you are using the screenlets version
mv Impulse ~/.screenlets/
then open up the screenlets manager and start Impulse