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Atom Autocomplete+ Ruby Suggestions

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Provides intelligent code completion for Ruby. Requires RSense and Autocomplete+.


RSense hasn't been actively developed since late 2014 leaving many unresolved bugs.

For a possible alternative, see atom-solargraph, based on solargraph, which is currently (April 2018) seeing active development.


Works for the most part, however not on Windows. This is due to a bug in RSense, which is no longer being developed. Any bugs/issues related to rsense itself will need to be reported in that repo, and probably won't be fixed.

Please read the Known Issues before reporting any issues.


Because I wanted Ruby code completion in Atom and atom-rsense is broken and hasn't been updated since June 2014.


Make sure you have Java installed on your machine.

Install rsense:

$ gem install rsense

If you get an error about not being able to find rsense after opening a ruby file, you will need to set the path to the rsense binary in the plugin settings. The path is different depending on which OS/Ruby environment manager you are using. Executing which rsense or gem environment might help you locate it.


Just type some stuff, and autocomplete+ will automatically show you some suggestions.

Note: If you use Winows, it might take about 10 seconds after the first suggestions pop up before rsense will give you any suggestions.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the environment isn't configured correctly when launching Atom from it's launcher (any custom config in .bashrc, .bash_profile, etc.). If you have any issues with the plugin, please try launching atom from the terminal first: $ atom.
  • RSense doesn't appear to work on Windows.

Feel free to report any other issues you encounter.


Clone the repository into your working directory:

$ git clone

Install dependencies:

$ cd autocomplete-ruby
$ apm install

Link to Atom as a dev package:

$ apm link --dev

Feel free to fork it and submit a pull request for any changes you make.


Provides intelligent code completion for Ruby in the Atom editor. Requires RSense.





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