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##Hosting Info This is my personal website, which should hopefully show off my talent to potential employers. I use GitHub's free Pages service for hosting and CloudFlare's free protection for SSL. I purchased the domain with Google Domains. ##Tools Used

  • Materialize.css: a responsive CSS framework based on Google's Material Design
  • JQuery is used for some minor additional functionality. Most browsers should already have it in cache, so it doesn't effect load time.
  • I used Atom as my primary editor due to the extensive built-in plugin database, theme choices, and overall design
  • The GibHub Desktop app was the easiest way to manage Git repos ##Other
  • Images are compressed with external tools to get the files size down as much as possible without losing quality for most screens.
  • The site uses the MIT license so on the remote chance someone else actually wants to use this for something they can.
  • Google Analytics is used for tracking people who don't have an adblocker installed for some reason