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Simple ruby wrappers for LZMA compression and decompression. Fully functional, on Ruby, JRuby, and MacRuby.
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LZMA Ruby bindings

Simple LZMA compression and decompression routines. No features to speak of presently. Works in Ruby 1.8.6+, Ruby 1.9.1+, JRuby 1.4.1+, and MacRuby 0.6+. All versions are compatible with each other, and with other LZMA implementations.

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Installation (MRI)

gem install ruby-lzma


git clone
cd ruby-lzma
rake install

Installation (JRuby)

jruby -S gem install ruby-lzma

Installation (MacRuby)

macgem install ruby-lzma


Compressing String Data:

require 'lzma'
compressed = LZMA.compress('data to compress')

Decompressing String Data:

require 'lzma'
decompressed = LZMA.decompress("compressed.lzma"))
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