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Dynamic DNS for Dreamhost
Python ApacheConf
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Self-hosted Dynamic DNS for DreamHost Users

It's simple to run your own dynamic DNS server in your DreamHost account if
you use DreamHost to manage your domain names. 

 * Check out this directory to somewhere in your DH account that's publically

 * Get an API key from:
   for "All dns functions". Put that key in ~/.ddns-api-key

 * Create a htpassword file with hostname you want to use as the username:
    htpasswd -c ~/.ddns.htpasswd

 * Update the .htaccess file in this directory so that the AuthUserFile 
   points to your home directory:
    AuthUserFile /home/myusername/.ddns.htpasswd

 * Configure your router to talk to the new server. In DD-WRT choose,
   DDNS Service = Custom
   DYNDNS Server = the hostname that this script runs on (eg:
   URL = the path on this server, plus "?" (eg: /ddns/?)
   User Name & Host Name = the dynamic DNS host name (eg:
   Additional DDNS Options = --dyndns_system
     This script implements the dyndns protocol so tell the router to use that.

NOTE: DreamHost DNS entries have a TTL (time-to-live) of 4 hours so they
won't be quite as dynamic as a real DynDNS service.

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