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# Lotech

NOTE: this project is no longer being developed.
Please see https://github.com/ianmaclarty/amulet for its replacement.

A game framework suitable for small-scope games and experimentation.

Runs on Linux, Windows (MinGW), Mac OS X, Android, iOS
and possibly Tizen.

Some features:

    - Lua-based
    - Rendering via scene graph
    - Automatic sprite atlas generation
    - Render-to-texture
    - Basic lighting and material support
    - Limited support for importing wavefront .obj files
    - 2D particle effects
    - Box2D integration

# Building

On Linux install OpenGL libraries and headers.

On Windows install MinGW and MSYS.

On Mac OS X install the Apple dev tools and ensure gcc is in your PATH.

Then do:

This will generate the executable ltclient, which you can use to run
games.  E.g:

    ./ltclient -fullscreen samples/meteor

# License

Lotech is released under the MIT license.  See the file COPYING for details.