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Podcast Card

🎧 gPodder Podcast Card

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This card is for Lovelace on Home Assistant to display your podcast subscriptions and play them on your media players connected to Home Assistant


Hey dude! Help me out for a couple of 🍻 or a β˜•οΈ!


This card is for Lovelace on Home Assistant.



Use HACS or follow this guide

  url: /local/podcast-card.js
  type: module


Name Type Requirement Description
type string Required custom:podcast-card
entity string Required Podcast sensor entity e.g. gPodder
name string Optional Card name Podcasts
icon string Optional Target selection icon mdi:speaker-multiple
default_target string Optional Default target to select on first load
show_player boolean Optional Show media player controls? True
custom_player boolean Optional Use mini-media-player? False Note: Requires installation of mini-media-player
mime_type string Optional Specify custom mime_type for your player if the passed one is not working


type: "custom:podcast-card"
entity: sensor.gpodder
name: Ian's Podcasts
default_target: media_player.office_home
show_player: True
custom_player: True


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