(continuation of the Xfce master branch)
C Shell Makefile M4
ib Don't skip the creation of the configuration file
A configuration file that does not yet exist must be created in
any case. Fixed settings shall only be possible with an existing
configuration file (locked by the user).

This fixes commit 2499180 and
closes github issue #62, reported by legends2k.
Latest commit c8de88c Jun 10, 2018


What is it?
Xarchiver is the ultimate solution for handling archives on Linux and FreeBSD.
It's a Desktop Environment independent archiver front end. All common archive
formats are supported, deb and RPM packages are handled without their package
managers being installed. Xarchiver only depends on the GTK+ libraries and
utilizes various (un)compressor/(un)archiver command line programs at runtime.
Installation of xdg-utils is optional but installing it will allow Xarchiver
to support opening more file types directly from inside an archive.

How to use it:
Please read the documentation accessible from the Help menu.

How to compile:
./configure                      # (run './configure --help' for more details)

How to install (as root):
make install

Author of Xarchiver is Giuseppe Torelli <colossus73@gmail.com>,
author of this continuation of the Xfce master branch and
maintainer of Xarchiver is Ingo Brückl <ib@wupperonline.de>.

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