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WARNING: Very likely buggy

SmartDogeUtility is a program made in LÖVE which purpose is to increase your productivity through the use of smart goals and conditioning. SmartDogeUtility is a program primarily made to be used on smartphones, however it also works on desktop devices and other platforms supported by LÖVE. Doges recommend LÖVE.



SMART goals

The main purpose of smartDogeUtility is to set and track smart goals.

There are two types of goals in smartDogeUtility:

  1. dumb (broad/general/vague) goals and
  2. smart (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, time-based) goals.

Being aware of various stats behind a goal makes them more approachable (at least for me, it may not work for everyone), which in turn increases your productivity. Instead of procrastinating or doing things more enjoyable than a vague goal, you do these specific goals. However, because there would be many of these goals, they have to be organized in some way. That is why dumb goals exist - dumb goals merely serve a function of containers for the smart goals.

main page

Smart goals are meant to be completed in sessions as each smart goal has a long-term aim of something being achieved. For example, some person (or doge) may want to paint 20 portraits. Per session, he or she (or a doge) would paint only 1 portrait, not all 20 of them. As you can see on the screenshot, the program only allows 3 levels of smart & dumb goals as it is intended for smartphone usage.


Although smartDogeUtility can be used only for goal-management and planning, it also has the feature of conditioning.

The general idea is that certain activities one aims to do are not as interesting as some other ones. So, we tend to do the latter, we do things that are not useful to us just because they are more fun - in other words, we procrastinate. So, smartDogeUtility requires of you to NOT do those activities at all, unless - here's the twist - unless it allows you to do so! Upon completing an activity you will be rewarded one or more tickets, which allow you to do random pre-determined activities (ones you pre-determine). This way you will associate the fun of these activities with the possibly boring goals.

ticket page

To further enforce the effect of conditioning, one may also want to include a ticket that doesn't give you any sort of reward. It is scientifically proven that if a person is rewarded randomly, sometimes yes, sometimes not, the addiction becomes stronger. Stay strong, my doges.

Productivity Points

Every time you complete a goal you gain a productivity point for that day so you can measure it with your achievements from earlier.

productivity graphs



Apple Doges

Linux Doges (requires LÖVE to be installed)

Smartphone? Smartdoge! Smartphone!

Download the love file and transfer it to your smartphone. You need to download the love2d app from the playstore to run it.


Made by Ibispi with some assistance from Jim Reed, Francesco Ariis and Jonas Thiem. I used the tweening module for love2d made by kikito, because I use it for everything. Made with LÖVE. Say hi to my doges at home.


a productivity-boosting utility made in love2d based on smart goals and conditioning.







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