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Hybrid Integration Reference Architecture

IT environments are becoming hybrid in nature; most businesses use cloud computing as part of their overall IT environment. While businesses continue to operate enterprise applications, processes, and systems of record on premises, they are rapidly developing cloud-native applications on cloud. The hybrid integration reference architecture describes an approach to connect components which are split across cloud and on-premises environments, or across public and private clouds -- even across different cloud providers.

This repository is also linked to the Event Driven Architecture repository where integration between microservices is supported by using event backbone and pub/sub integration pattern.

We recommend reading the full content using the book format here.

Building this booklet locally

The content of this repository is written with markdown files, packaged with MkDocs and can be built into a book-readable format by MkDocs build processes.

  1. Install MkDocs locally following the official documentation instructions.
  2. Install Material plugin for mkdocs: pip install mkdocs-material
  3. git clone (or your forked repository if you plan to edit)
  4. cd refarch-integration
  5. mkdocs serve
  6. Go to in your browser.

Pushing the book to GitHub Pages

  1. Ensure that all your local changes to the master branch have been committed and pushed to the remote repository.
    1. git push origin master
  2. Ensure that you have the latest commits to the gh-pages branch, so you can get others' updates.
    git checkout gh-pages
    git pull origin gh-pages
    git checkout master
  3. Run mkdocs gh-deploy from the root refarch-da directory.


We welcome your contributions. There are multiple ways to contribute: report bugs and improvement suggestion, improve documentation and contribute code. We really value contributions and to maximize the impact of code contributions we request that any contributions follow these guidelines:

The contributing guidelines are in this note.


Please contact me for any questions.


This is the root project for Hybrid Integration reference architecture to validate access to on-premise data source.




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