Hyperledger Fabric Network bootstrapping made simple for experimentation, development and testing
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Fabric Network Composer

Fabric Network Composer automates the generation of an operational Hyperledger Fabric Network based on a configuration file where basic aspects of the network are defined in a simple way.

This simple tool is useful when getting started with Hyperledger Fabric and for bootstrapping development/testing Hyperledger Fabric Networks based on customized Hyperledger Fabric images.

Hyperledger Network Composer flow

Configuration file

The tool takes as input a config file specifying the network components:

    DOCKER_NS: hyperledger
    # version tag for fabric images (peer, orderer, etc.)
    # version tag for ca image
    CA_VERSION_TAG: 1.3.0
    # version tag for couchdb, kafka, zookeeper

    network:     "samplenet"
    domain:      "samplenet.com"
    description: "a Fabric network bootstrapped with netcomposer"

        type: "solo"

        provider: "goleveldb"

    organizations:        1
    peersPerOrganization: 2
    usersPerOrganization: 1

      - name: bigchannel

      - name:     kv_chaincode_go_example01
        version:  1.0
        language: golang
        path:     go/kv_chaincode_go_example01
          - bigchannel
    logLevel:       "debug"
    tlsEnabled:     true
    chaincodesPath: "./sample-chaincodes"


  • Required crypto material is generated by cryptogen tool.
  • Genesis block and channels are created with configtxgen tool included in tools folder.
  • The tool has been tested on Hyperledger Fabric release 1.0.2 and 1.1.0-preview

Generating network artifacts

go run main.go -spec samplenet.yaml

Starting the network


Stopping the network

.out/samplenet/provision.sh stop

Instantiate a chaincode

Pick any endorsing peer already joined to the channel, peer1 is used as follows:

docker exec -it cli.peer1.org1.samplenet.com bash

peer chaincode instantiate -o orderer1.samplenet.com:7050 --tls $CORE_PEER_TLS_ENABLED --cafile $ORDERER_CA -C bigchannel -n kv_chaincode_go_example01 -v 1.0 -c '{"Args":["init","a","100","b","200"]}' -P "OR ('org1MSP.member','org2MSP.member')"

Query/Invoke chaincodes

docker exec -it cli.peer1.org1.samplenet.com bash

peer chaincode query -o orderer1.samplenet.com:7050 --tls $CORE_PEER_TLS_ENABLED --cafile $ORDERER_CA -C bigchannel -n kv_chaincode_go_example01 -c '{"Args":["query","a"]}'

peer chaincode invoke -o orderer1.samplenet.com:7050 --tls $CORE_PEER_TLS_ENABLED --cafile $ORDERER_CA -C bigchannel -n kv_chaincode_go_example01 -c '{"Args":["invoke", "a", "b", "10"]}'

Prerequisites for building the tool

Go - 1.7 or higher

Building the tool

Build binaries for all supported platforms: make

Build binaries for a single platform:
    - make binaries/darwin-amd64
    - make binaries/windows-amd64
    See Makefile for all supported platforms


Source code files are made available under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (Apache-2.0), located in the LICENSE file.