LDAP Admin for Linux
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LDAP Admin for Linux

What it is

Linux port of free Windows LDAP Admin (http://ldapadmin.org), client and administration tool for LDAP directory management.


Stable functions:

  • Browsing and editing of LDAP directories
  • Recursive operations on directory trees (copy, move and delete)
  • Schema browsing
  • LDIF export and import
  • Password management (supports crypt, md5, sha, sha-crypt, samba)
  • Template support
  • Binary attribute support
  • LDAP SSL/TLS support

Untested functions:

  • Management of Posix Groups and Accounts
  • Management of Samba Accounts
  • Postfix MTA Support

Disabled functions:

  • Scripting


  • Lazarus 1.6.2+, developed on version 1.8.4
  • compiler FPC 3.0.0+, developed on version 3.0.4
  • library libssl.so, libcrypto.so, for usign SSL/TLS
  • Linux desktop

How to localize

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE BUILT-IN FUNCTION IN THE MENU (.llf files)! The recommended way to locate in linux is as follows,

  • create (if not exist) directory locale
  • resourcestrings are compiled into .po files if you enable i18n in the Lazarus IDE. Go to Project > Project Options > i18n > Enable i18n
  • copy file LdapAdmin.po to LdapAdmin.xx.po, where xx is two-letter language code (en for English, ru for Russian, de for Germany , ...)
  • translate string with Poedit, https://poedit.net/

How to compile

Further information

For more information about it, please visit: