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iCal4j is a Java API that provides support for the iCalendar specification as defined in RFC2445. This support includes a Parser, Object Model and Generator for iCalendar data streams. For more information check out the API Documentation.

Minimum requirements

iCal4j requires a minimum of Java 1.4 due to the use of features introduced in this version of Java. It may be possible to run with earlier versions, however this is not supported.

Project Information


Getting Started

  • If you are new to iCal4j, follow this brief tutorial to help you get started.
  • The following examples demonstrate the functionality and uses of iCal4j.
  • Slides from a recent presentation at the CalConnect Roundtable XIV.
  • Information relating to using iCal4j on Android is available here.
  • You can also use iCal4j with Groovy - see here for details.

Concepts and Types

Maven 2

iCal4j now incorporates a Maven 2 build process. More information on how to include iCal4j as a Maven dependency is available here.



MS Outlook Timezone Definitions







  • Information regarding code coverage and other project reports is available in the Project Documentation.
  • For information regarding specification support, please see the RFC Compliance page.
  • Outstanding Bugs and Patches
  • Outstanding Tasks
  • Details of future directions can be found in the Roadmap.

Related Sites and Articles

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Answers to some common questions about iCal4j are available here


A hierarchical view of this Wiki is available here.


  • Thanks to Atlassian Clover for their support.
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