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A library is a collection of preprogrammed templates that implement a behavior when invoked. Libraries are well-defined and are designed for reuse throughout implementation. For example, a website may have multiple webpages that implement the same navigation bar or text-field, but none of these objects have relation to one another.

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bvaughn commented Jul 15, 2020

PR #19108 caused some Suspense-related DevTools regressions (more info available on #19368) which we did not catch because of the fact that DevTools tests are only run against the version of React in master.

We should follow the precedent of the regression fixtures tests and have CI run DevTools tests against multiple

chimon2000 commented Oct 17, 2020

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Currently, migrating from another library requires you to do a manual comparison of samples from both libraries to fill in the gaps. It would be nice to have documentation for people migrating from other popular state management solutions, such as ChangeNotifier, StateNotifier, MobX, or Redux.

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