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PHP Sitemap Generator

This class can be used to generate sitemaps.

Internally uses SplFixedArrays, thus is faster and uses less memory.

Usage example:

include "src/SitemapGenerator.php";

$generator = new \Icamys\SitemapGenerator\SitemapGenerator('');

// will create also compressed (gzipped) sitemap
$generator->createGZipFile = true;

// determine how many urls should be put into one file
// according to standard protocol 50000 is maximum value (see
$generator->maxURLsPerSitemap = 50000;

// sitemap file name
$generator->sitemapFileName = "sitemap.xml";

// sitemap index file name
$generator->sitemapIndexFileName = "sitemap-index.xml";

// adding url `loc`, `lastmodified`, `changefreq`, `priority`
$generator->addUrl('', date('c'), 'always', '0.5');

// generating internally a sitemap

// writing early generated sitemap to file

Inspired by @pawelantczak.