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A high-performance micro-framework for PHP


  1. Inflector Inflector Public

    A multilingual inflector that transforms words from singular to plural, underscore to camel case, and formats strings in various ways.

    PHP 214 22

  2. DateTime DateTime Public

    Extends the features of PHP DateTime and DateTimeZone classes to ease the handling of times, time zones and time zone locations.

    PHP 50 6

  3. CLDR CLDR Public

    Internationalize your application using Unicode's CLDR

    PHP 51 4

  4. ICanBoogie ICanBoogie Public

    A high-performance micro framework

    PHP 30 4

  5. HTTP HTTP Public

    Provides an API to handle HTTP requests.

    PHP 5

  6. MessageBus MessageBus Public

    A straightforward implementation of a message dispatcher

    PHP 4


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