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Testbed for testing recursive resolvers
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Resolver Testbed

This repo describes a testbed to test various DNS resolvers. The purpose of the testbed is to allow researchers to set up many resolvers and run tests on each. For example, a test might see what the resolver emits when it is priming, or when it is responding to a particular query while using DNSSEC validation.

The project is sponsored by ICANN.

For information on the project, please contact Paul Hoffman.

Installation and Requirements

The testbed has been tested on MacOS, and should run similarly on Ubuntu workstation (and derivatives like Xubuntu).

Install the testbed by following the setup instructions.

You need to have Python 3 installed. Other than the standard library, you also need a recent version of the Fabric library. pip3 install fabric should work.

VMs are kept in VirtualBox. On Ubuntu hosts, use sudo apt install -y virtualbox instead of installing from the software store.

The VMs are all accessed using the "root" user only.

Other Documents

Please see the technical plan for an overview of the technical parts of the testbed.

Please see the setup and running guide for steps on how to create the testbed and run tests.

The project is still in its early phases. Please see the end of for a list of areas known to be incomplete.


See the LICENSE file.

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