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authentication and authorization agnostic url based security framework for codeigniter
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:: Kibishii Security ::

# About
Kibishii is a framework for role-based url security in CodeIgniter.
It is implemented as a post controller constructor hook.
It allows separation of application code and 
It is not an Authentication library, It is designed to work with 
other authentication libraries such as Tank Auth or Ion Auth.

# Roadmap
 - build support for ion auth, a3m, and more..
 - build authorization provider for SQL (for libraries which dont have it)

# Settings
- Tank Auth (
For Authentication only (must provide your own authorization)

$config['kibishii_login_url']	= 'auth/login';

AND (to get username from session)

$config['kibishii_get_id_from_session'] = TRUE; 
$config['kibishii_user_id_session_field'] = 'username';

OR (to get the username from the tank_auth library)

$config['kibishii_get_id_from_class'] = TRUE;
$config['kibishii_authentication_class']	= 'tank_auth';
$config['kibishii_authentication_method']	= 'get_username';
$config['kibishii_authentication_filename']	= 'libraries/Tank_auth.php';

- Ion Auth (
For Authentication and Authorization (via groups)

$config['kibishii_login_url']	= 'auth/login';
$config['kibishii_get_id_from_session'] = TRUE; 
$config['kibishii_user_id_session_field'] = 'email';

$config['kibishii_roles_from_session'] = TRUE;
$config['kibishii_roles_session_field'] = 'group';

note: the default groups are 'admin' and 'members'
they should be used in your acl in lower case.

- a3m
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