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@gijsbers gijsbers released this Jan 7, 2020 · 2 commits to master since this release

Use "icesh keys" to let icewm reload the keybindings from the "keys" file.
Allow mouse pointer buttons to trigger actions from "keys".
If a theme cannot be found then fall back on the default theme.
Always keep track of the WM_CLIENT_LEADER property.
Automatically focus an urgent window in click-to-focus mode,
if it has the same leader as the focused window.
Set alpha threshold to 10 to completely draw 32-bit icons.
Use WM_CLASS to locate an icon if no other source of icon was found.
Add tracing of executed programs.
Add spy and sizeby commands to icesh.
Fix for pagerShowPreview for very wide multi-head desktops.
Fix for context menu popup in icehelp.
Fix for positioning of splash window on multi-head displays.
Fix for positioning of status window on multi-head displays.
Fix for positioning of window list window on multi-head displays.
Fix for positioning of tooltip windows on multi-head displays.
Fix for missed events when monitor changes resolution.
Fix for positioning the taskbar when monitor changes resolution.
Portability to older systems: only requires libXrandr 1.2 and GCC 4.9.
Give icewm a proper implementation of _NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW.
10 translations updated.
shasum icewm-1.6.4.tar.lz 3f29160481b22f70c2a0f6ca3545eee561ad456e

The cmake build is slightly broken, but ./configure works fine. To fix the cmake use this:

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