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jlibra Spring Boot Starter

Integrate jlibra into your Spring Boot applications via Spring's dependency injection and Spring Boots external configuration and Actuator functionality.
This is basically a copy with search/replace of web3j-spring-boot-starter


The jlibra-spring-boot-starter project enables other (Spring Boot) applications, like web applications, shell applications, and more, to use the jlibra library.

As a sample for this usage the java-libra-cli application was created.

To use, create a new Spring Boot Application, and include the following dependencies:




compile ('dev.jlibra:jlibra-spring-boot-starter:1.0.0')

Now Spring can inject jlibra instances for you where ever you need them:

private JLibra jlibra;

The JLibra class is initialized with the values configured according to externalized configuration in Spring.
For example, add the configuration values to a file next to the runnable jar.

Predefined Actions

There are currently two predefined actions in the action package.

  • AccountStateQuery
  • PeerToPeerTransfer

These actions can just be @Autowired and are preconfigured as well, so you don't have to deal with jlibra directly.
This is WIP and other actions will be added soon.

private PeerToPeerTransfer peerToPeerTransfer

public void transfer(...) {

Further information

For further information on jlibra, please refer to the jlibra GitHub.

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