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fakerator NPM version

Random fake data generator with localization

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fakerator was inspired by and has used data definitions from Marak's faker.js library

If you like my work, please donate. Thank you!


JSFiddle test page

Tonic demo



$ bower install fakerator


$ npm install fakerator


Download the package and use the dist/fakerator.js or the dist/fakerator.min.js file in your project.



<script src=""></script>

  var fakerator = Fakerator();
  var name =;
  var user = fakerator.entity.user();


var Fakerator = require("fakerator");
var fakerator = Fakerator("de-DE");
var name =;
// Result: 'Dr. Marcus Drechsler'


var fakerator = require("fakerator")("hu-HU");
var name =;
// Result: 'Fülöp Magdolna'

Or load a specific locale

var fakerator = require("fakerator/locales/de-DE")();
var name =;
// Result: 'Dr. Marcus Drechsler'


The library uses the Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator, so set seed value, if you want to get a repeatable random sequence:



Generate random values or select a random element from array.

Function Description Sample result
fakerator.random.boolean() Generate a boolean value true
fakerator.random.boolean(likelihoodPercent) Generate a boolean value based a likelihood value. false
fakerator.random.number(max) Generate a number value between 0 and max value 87
fakerator.random.number(min, max) Generate a number value between min and max 54
fakerator.random.digit() Generate a digit (0..9) 5
fakerator.random.letter() Generate a letter (a..z) "h"
fakerator.random.arrayElement(array) Give a random element from the array
fakerator.random.objectElement(obj) Give a random { key: value } from the object
fakerator.random.masked(mask) Generate a masked string ( a - lowercase letter, A - uppercase letter, 9 - digit, * - letter or digit "aaa-AAA_999:*" -> "aqa-RPG_932:6"
fakerator.random.hex(length) Generate a hexadecimal number "7950a0b9"
fakerator.random.string(length) Generate a random string "dulgecbhrsa"


The library supports localizations. You can set the locale code in constructor.


  // Use default (English) localization
  var fakerator = Fakerator();
  // Floyd Corkery
  // Use german
  var fakerator = Fakerator("de-DE");
  // Hassan vom Kumbernuss
  // Use russian
  var fakerator = Fakerator("ru-RU");
  // Альберт Валентинович Архипов

In production, you can load only a specific locale:

  // Use french
  var fakeratorFR = require("fakerator/locales/fr-FR")();
  // Dufour Camille

Available localizations:

Code Language/Country Usage Creator/Source
default English (default) Fakerator(); faker.js
cs-CZ Czech Fakerator("cs-CZ"); zpiman
de-DE German Fakerator("de-DE"); faker.js
en-AU English (Australia) Fakerator("en-AU"); faker.js
en-CA English (Canada) Fakerator("en-CA"); faker.js
es-ES Spanish Fakerator("es-ES"); faker.js
fr-FR French Fakerator("fr-FR"); faker.js
hu-HU Hungarian Fakerator("hu-HU"); Icebob
it-IT Italian Fakerator("it-IT"); faker.js
nb-NO Norwegian Fakerator("nb-NO"); faker.js
pl-PL Polish Fakerator("pl-PL"); faker.js
ru-RU Russian Fakerator("ru-RU"); faker.js
sk-SK Slovakian Fakerator("sk-SK"); faker.js
sv-SE Swedish Fakerator("sv-SE"); faker.js

Custom locale

Please read this how to add a new locale


Use this functions to generate fake random data


Function Description Sample result Generate a full name "Dr. Sheryl Gleichner"
fakerator.names.nameM() Generate a male full name (*) "Bruce Weber"
fakerator.names.nameF() Generate a female full name (*) "Juanita Daniel"
fakerator.names.firstName() Generate a first name "Marco"
fakerator.names.firstNameM() Generate a male first name (*) "Bruce"
fakerator.names.firstNameF() Generate a female first name (*) "Kelly"
fakerator.names.lastName() Generate a last name "Reilly"
fakerator.names.lastNameM() Generate a male last name (*) "Collier"
fakerator.names.lastNameF() Generate a female last name (*) "Moore"
fakerator.names.prefix() Generate a name prefix name "Mr."
fakerator.names.suffix() Generate a name suffix "MD"
(*) - if localization support


Function Description Sample result Give a country name "Romania"
fakerator.address.countryCode() Give a country code "RO"
fakerator.address.countryAndCode() Give a country object { code: "RO", name: "Romania" } Generate a city name "Merlestad"
fakerator.address.street() Generate a street address "96214 Annette Radial Apt. 543"
fakerator.address.streetName() Generate a street name "Gabriel Islands"
fakerator.address.buildingNumber() Generate a building number "196"
fakerator.address.postCode() Generate a post code "54360-6405"
fakerator.address.geoLocation() Generate a geolocation { latitude: 40.4233, longitude: -131.9741 }
fakerator.address.altitude() Generate an altitude 1180


Function Description Sample result Generate a phone number "(640) 552-0763"


Function Description Sample result Generate a company name "Weber, Gleichner and Kertzmann Inc." Generate a company suffix "LLC"

Internet data

Function Description Sample result
fakerator.internet.userName() Generate a username "kelly.moore14"
fakerator.internet.userName(firstName, lastName) Generate a username based an existing name "johndoe19"
fakerator.internet.password(length) Generate a password
fakerator.internet.domain() Generate a domain name ""
fakerator.internet.url() Generate an url "" Generate an email address "", lastName) Generate an email address from an existing name ""
fakerator.internet.image(width, height, category) Generate a lorem image ""
fakerator.internet.mac() Generate a MAC address "65:a1:a6:18:94:0b"
fakerator.internet.ip() Generate an IP v4 address ""
fakerator.internet.ipv6() Generate an IP v6 address "b2e9:4275:95a9:65a1:a618:940b:a6ce:adb6"
fakerator.internet.color() Generate a color "b76f49"
fakerator.internet.avatar() Give an avatar link ( Sample
fakerator.internet.gravatar() Generate a gravatar link Sample
fakerator.internet.gravatar(email) Generate a gravatar link from an email address Sample


Function Description Sample result
fakerator.lorem.word() Give a lorem word "dolores"
fakerator.lorem.sentence() Generate a lorem sentence "Libero similique quam voluptas soluta."
fakerator.lorem.paragraph() Give a lorem paragraph "Ut velit enim vel. Unde aut sint possimus velit commodi numquam. Autem expedita dignissimos est qui consequatur et delectus. Et qui necessitatibus voluptas quam. Dicta temporibus animi optio tempora aperiam repudiandae beatae. Placeat quo voluptatibus neque repellendus dolorem."

Date & time

Function Description Sample result Give a timezone "Asia/Bangkok", refDate) Generate a date in the past Date, refDate) Generate a date in the future Date, to) Generate a date between two dates Date Generate a date in recent few days Date, max) Generate an age number 26 Give a month name "September" Give a weekday name "Sunday" Give a short weekday name "Fri" Give a min weekday name "Su"


Function Description Sample result
fakerator.misc.uuid() Generate an UUID "e26717ad-1513-43c5-b7de-2849521fa195"


You can generate complex entities




    "firstName": "Ashley",
    "lastName": "Kautzer",
    "userName": "ashley38",
    "password": "yuzasimima",
    "email": "",
    "phone": "1-485-841-6009",
    "dob": "1939-11-22T01:15:16.735Z",
    "website": "",
    "ip": "",
    "avatar": "",
    "gravatar": "",
    "address": {
        "country": "Northern Mariana Islands",
        "countryCode": "MP",
        "state": "Michigan",
        "city": "New Jamie",
        "street": "1730 Abbott Views Apt. 460",
        "zip": "77988",
        "geo": {
            "latitude": -41.5878,
            "longitude": 34.266400000000004
    "status": false

You can set genre of user with first parameter.

// F - female, M - male




    "country": "Bulgaria",
    "countryCode": "BG",
    "state": "Indiana",
    "city": "North Michele",
    "street": "06169 Beer Villages Suite 302",
    "zip": "20896",
    "geo": {
        "latitude": -9.275499999999994,
        "longitude": 92.53280000000001



    "name": "Cormier, Murphy and Turcotte Ltd.",
    "email": "",
    "phone": "044.708.8876 x834",
    "website": "",
    "ip": "",
    "address": {
        "country": "Caribbean Netherlands",
        "countryCode": "BQ",
        "state": "Kansas",
        "city": "East Ronnie",
        "street": "81019 Cormier Mall",
        "zip": "11474-0882",
        "geo": {
            "latitude": 1.6444000000000045,
            "longitude": 107.97910000000002

Blog post


    "title": "Esse excepturi eum id ab aut dolore veritatis et.",
    "keywords": [
    "created": "2016-05-25T18:19:46.283Z",
    "content": "Mollitia officiis quam nulla veritatis omnis eius enim quis. Dolorem est reiciendis adipisci. Laboriosam enim saepe sunt nisi. Autem tempora ullam non laborum. Qui dolorem fugiat amet. Eius consectetur ea et minus ipsam et qui unde doloremque.\r\nNihil minima aut. Voluptatibus neque at nulla ut expedita laboriosam. Veniam natus voluptates nulla voluptas impedit cumque qui nihil.\r\nMinus quos in autem facere dolorem quidem rem rerum. Animi quo eaque debitis nam non earum molestiae. Maxime vitae exercitationem doloremque."


You can generate array of items with times and utimes (unique) functions. First parameter is the generator function. Second is the length of array.

You can pass further parameters, they will be passed to the generator function.


// Generate 3 names
fakerator.times(, 3);
// [ "Ross Hansen", "Thomas Pfeffer", "Alexis Hauck I" ]

// Generate 5 username with populate where first name must be 'John'
fakerator.times(fakerator.populate, 5, "#{internet.userName}", "John");
// [ 'john.langosh8341', 'john12', 'john.howe5075', 'john_jerde', 'john.grant9923' ]

// Generate 5 number from 1 to 10
fakerator.times(fakerator.random.number, 5, 1, 10);
// [ 10, 8, 1, 8, 5 ]
// Note: 8 is twice!

// Generator 5 UNIQUE number from 1 to 10
fakerator.utimes(fakerator.random.number, 5, 1, 10);
// [ 10, 2, 9, 6, 1 ]
// Note: every number is unique!


You can also generate fake data with templates:

// Ross Hansen
// 0662 Ferry Drive
fakerator.populate("Hi, my name is #{}. I was born in #{}, #{}. I am #{date.age} years old.")
// Hi, my name is Mrs. Rufus Shanahan. I was born in Hilpertton, Denmark. I am 44 years old.

Replace symbols

The populate replace # symbol to a random number and ? symbol to a random letter.

// Mandy-802-oqs



Please send pull requests improving the usage and fixing bugs, improving documentation and providing better examples, or providing some testing, because these things are important.


fakerator is available under the MIT license.


Copyright (C) 2016 Icebob

@icebob @icebob


Random fake data generator with localization for Javascript in Node.js and browser





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