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SmartDots is the otolith reading software developed by ILVO that ICES is collaborating on

Getting started

There are two ways to get started with SmartDots:

1) Installer

This is the recommended way to use SmartDots. This version will install on your PC and it will automatically check for updates.

You can download the installer here:

Note: A firewall or antivirus may block the application. If you are experiencing these issues please use the portable version.

2) Portable version

Use this option when you are experiencing firewall/antivirus issues. This version will not have these issues, however it will also not check for updates. When you want to update to the latest version, you will have to download it again.

You can download the portable version here:

  1. Download the .zip-file
  2. Unzip to a location of choice
  3. Double-click SmartDots(.bat) to run the application


You can try out the features of SmartDots in a demo environment.

Login with the following settings:

Web API:

Security: User credentials

User: userX (Where X is any number from 0-30. Example: user4)

Password: pwdX (Where X is the same number used for the user. Example: pwd4)

alt tag

Press connect

If authentication succeeded, you will see a list of Analyses/Activities/Events

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Double-Click any row (or select and press Age Reading at the bottom) to go to the Age Reading screen

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