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Plugin enabling ASPAX to handle LiveScript files.
LiveScript JavaScript
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What's this?

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A plugin that enables ASPAX to handle LiveScript files.


Type this in the folder where you're running ASPAX:

npm install aspax-ls-handler

If you're running ASPAX in a Node.js application root folder, consider using the --save-dev option to avoid deploying this plugin to your production environment:

npm install aspax-ls-handler --save-dev


Simply add .ls source files in aspax.yml:

  - lib.js

Available flags

  • bare: compile without the top-level function safety wrapper - see more here.

    Basically, this:

      $ !-> console.log \hi!

    ...compiles to this with the bare flag:

      $(function() {
        return console.log('hi!');

    ...and to this without the flag:

      (function() {
        $(function() {
          return console.log('hi!');

Endorsing the author

If you find this piece of software useful, please tweet about ASPAX and endorse me on LinkedIn:

Ionut-Cristian Florescu on LinkedIn

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