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python cli tool for tweaking subtitles
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help message
============ [OPTIONS] filename
          Analyze, fix or crop a subtitle file.

              Show this help message.
              Propose split locations.
              Sometimes a large file should be edited by several people.
              A good split of the file is when each chunk has approximately
              the same length and there is a reasonable time gap between the
          --from HH:MM:SS,DDD
              Specify the begining of the interval to be examined.
              Must match exactly the start time of a subtitle.
          --to HH:MM:SS,DDD
              Specify the end of the interval to be examined.
              Must match exactly the end time of a subtitle.
              List subtitles that have too many charactes.
              List subtitles that have a high character per second ratio or
              have short duration.
              Prolongs subtitles that are considered to have a short duration
              in --check-timing.
              Overwrite original file.
          --output filename
              Specify an output file name.
              The default is the input file name prefixed by 'fixed.'
              Save only the from-to interval.
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