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This repository has been archived by the owner on Feb 25, 2023. It is now read-only.


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Netgear Cable Modem Exporter

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This project is now archived, unfortunately I no longer have access to a Netgear CMxxx series modem making it very difficult to support this code without a device to test it on. Thanks everyone for your support with this. As of 2023-02-25 i've updated the dependencies and confirmed it still builds clean on golang 1.20.1.

Prometheus exporter for Netgear cable modems. This has been developed against a CM600, I suspect it is likely to work with other modems in the CMxxxx family. If you are able to run this successfully on another Netgear cable modem model, please see the contributing section below.

Supported Devices

These Netgear models have been tested and are officially supported:

  • Netgear CM600


You can build and install the exporter locally by running:

go get


Usage of ./netgear_cm_exporter:
  -config.file string
    	Path to configuration file. (default "netgear_cm_exporter.yml")
    	Print version information.

An example configuration file is provided in netgear_cm_exporter.yml showing all the possible configuration options. The values in the example are the defaults, the bare minimum configuration is the administrative password to your modem:

  password: <your password here>

Grafana Dashboard

A sample grafana dashboard can be found in the grafana/ directory. You can import netgear_cable_modem.json into your Grafana instance to get up and running with a quick dashboard.

Grafana Dashboard Screenshot


For the most part I assume the status pages for most of the modems in the CMxxxx family to be consistent, if you have a Netgear cable modem that isn't properly supported and you're happy to submit a PR, by all means do so.

If you'd like me to try adding support please do the following:

  1. Send me the URL to the modem's status page, this may require some sleuthing in your browser's developer console. Typically it's called via JavaScript from the "Cable Connection" link in the admin UI. On the CM600 the URI is /DocsisStatus.asp.
  2. Once you're found the URI to the admin page, send me the saved HTML from that page and I can look at what changes are needed to the scraper to support your model.

If you do get this running without modification on a CMxxx modem other than the CM600 please submit a PR to add your model to the list of supported models.


Prometheus exporter for Netgear cable modems.








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