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Templates for designing icons
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Icon Templates

Use these templates freely for any project. If you feel templates for an app is missing, feel free to add it to this repository.


Templates for Adobe Illustrator

The initial version of the icon templates for Adobe Illustrator have been created by Scott Lewis.


The grid used is 32 x 32 pixels, but don't adhere exactly to the grid since adhering to the grid to rigidly can hurt the aesthetic of the icon. Follow the grid more as a guide than a set rule.

Icons for Android

24 x 24 and 48 x 48 px


30 x 30 and 60 x 60 px


In Illustrator you will find these palettes very useful: Pathfinder, Stroke, and Transform. Pathfinder is the most heavily used for joining and knocking out shapes.

Stroke is used in conjunction with the menu Object > Path > Outline Path. This allows you to quickly outline a shape, apply a stroke, then outline the stroke in cases where you need to convert an outline to a vector area rather than a stroke.

Transform contains the Align to Pixel Grid feature. This is especially useful for making icons pixel perfect, along with the View > Snap To Grid option. But be careful with this one. Using "Align to Pixel Grid" on a curved vector can give you funky results.

Views Options

  • Snap to Point
  • Snap to Grid
  • Smart Guides

Keep Snap to Point enabled at all times. Alternate between Smart Guides and Snap to Grid for the best result. The latter of the two can confuse one another because Illustrator can't figure out which one you want to apply when a point is close to an object with a similarly aligned point and close to a grid intersection or line.

Line Weights

Try, as much as possible, to work with line weights that are multiples of two because the lines seem to scale better, both larger and smaller (it's easy math). Visually a combination of 2 pixel lines and 3 pixel lines gives good results. At 100% scale, 3 pixel lines render clearly provided they are pixel perfect.

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