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Sketch plug-in for importing over 100,000 icons from 100+ icon sets, including Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Jam Icons, Open Emoji and many others.


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Iconify plug-in for Sketch

Want to add icons to your designs?

Iconify for Sketch got you covered. One plug-in offers over 100,000 icons from 100+ icon sets, including Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Jam Icons, Open Emoji and many others.

You can:

  • Browse icon sets.
  • Search icon sets.
  • Import any icon as vector shape to Sketch document.

It is completely free! All icon sets offered with Iconify are available with open source licenses.

What is Iconify?

Iconify is an open source platform for working with icons.

Originally it was designed to replace outdated icon fonts with modern SVG framework. Now it is a much bigger project. Iconify offers:

  • Plugins for design tools, such as this plug-in for Sketch.
  • SVG framework to easily embed icons in HTML.
  • React, Vue, Svelte and Ember icon components for developers that prefer to use framework native icon components instead of SVG framework.
  • Icon picker, allowing developers to add icon search functionality to applications, such as website builders.


Click "Releases" link, download the latest file, unpack it, open iconify.sketchplugin in Finder. Finder should launch Sketch that should install this plug-in.

If plug-in installation fails, copy iconify.sketchplugin to ~/Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/Plugins/.


In Sketch menu select Plug-ins -> Iconify

or press Ctrl+Shift+I

Browse or search icons, select any icon, click "Import" button. Plug-in will import icon to your current project.


Importing icon: Iconify for Sketch: footer

Big choice of "home" icons: Iconify for Sketch: search results

Collections list: Iconify for Sketch: browse collections Iconify for Sketch: browse collections

Importing multiple icons: Iconify for Sketch: browsing icons set


If you want to build plug-in from source code, follow these steps:

  • Download this repository.
  • Run npm install to install all dependencies.
  • Run npm run build to build plug-in.

Build process will generate iconify.sketchplugin that you can install in Sketch.


MIT. See license.txt

This license does not apply to icons. Icons are released under different licenses, see each icons set for details.

Icons available by default are all licensed under some kind of open source or free license.

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