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ICS Student Council at UC Irvine

ICS Student Council was founded by students to better serve the ICS student body. We work to improve the lives of the students professionally, socially, and academically and deepen the connections students have with the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences and UCI Alumni.

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Anyone is welcome to contribute to our projects! Take a look through some of the good first task issues and comment on any that you'd like to work on.

Want to learn more about Web Development? Checkout the ICSSC Fellowship Web Dev Crash Course!

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  1. AntAlmanac AntAlmanac Public

    A course exploration and scheduling tool for UCI Anteaters

    TypeScript 55 62

  2. peterportal-public-api peterportal-public-api Public

    API that provides easy-access to UC Irvine data such as: courses, professors, grade distribution, schedule of classes, and more

    TypeScript 22 11

  3. peterportal-client peterportal-client Public

    A web application to aid UCI students with course discovery and planning.

    TypeScript 15 11

  4. Zotistics-beta-23 Zotistics-beta-23 Public

    Zotistics is UCI's premier grade distribution analysis tool!

    TypeScript 3 8

  5. websoc-api websoc-api Public

    A nodejs module to access listings from UCI's schedule of classes

    JavaScript 2

  6. icssc-website icssc-website Public

    Website for the ICS Student Council

    JavaScript 9 2


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