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Missing assets from stock Wolf:ET mapping installation.
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ET Extra Assets

Contains missing assets from stock ET mapping installation. Included:

  • Models
  • Editor images
  • Shaders


  • Download the repository as a ZIP and extract to "etmain" folder of your mapping installation.
  • Add "models_fixed_mapobjects" and "blitz_sd_mm" to your shaderlist.txt.



Original ET maps used a lot of models from RTCW. Since misc_model entities are baked into BSP when compiling, they don't need to be included in PK3 files. This pack contains every missing MD3/ASE model used in the 6 original maps.

Some of these models have shader dependencies to models_fixed_mapobjects.shader provided in this pack. Use them and remember to add models_fixed_mapobjects and blitz_sd_mm to your shaderlist.txt! These shaders should be included along with your map if you use models that depend on them.

Also included are mapmodel (misc_model) versions of various blitz trucks in the game. There's an example map with prefabs of these trucks with correct clippings added. Shader for these trucks is also included, make sure you add that to shaderlist.txt.

Another addition is plain stock trees. These are useful when you want to remove leaves from the trees used in original maps. No additional shader for these is needed.

Lastly, mapmodel versions of construction crates were added. Again, no extra shader needed for these.

Editor images

Lots of stock ET shaders have missing editor images. I've made one for every shader that lacks one.

NOTE: Default chateau.shader contains a shader called textures/chateau/walltest_c07a_vertex. The stock shader has a directive qer_editorImage chateau/walltest_c07a_vertex I've included this texture in textures/chateau/ folder, so in order to use it you must edit the stock chateau.shader and add qer_editorImage textures/chateau/walltest_c07a_vertex to textures/chateau/walltest_c07a_vertex shader.

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