A set of scripts to package Apache Kafka into an rpm (CentOS/RedHat 7)
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A set of scripts to package kafka into an rpm.

Requires CentOS/RedHat 7 or Docker.


sudo yum install make rpmdevtools wget

or Docker.


make rpm

or use Docker

docker build -t kafka-build . && docker run -ti -v $(pwd)/RPMS:/root/RPMS kafka-build

Resulting RPM will be available at $(shell pwd)/RPMS/x86_64

Installing and operating

sudo yum install kafka*.rpm
sudo systemctl start kafka
sudo systemctl enable kafka

Default locations

binaries: /opt/kafka
data: /var/lib/kafka
logs: /var/log/kafka
configs: /etc/kafka, /etc/sysconfig/kafka


Built from https://github.com/damienclaveau/kafka-graphite