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Opinionated Cowboy wrapper
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Opinionated Bindings to Cowboy

Type-safe bindings

Direct bindings to Cowboy's API exist in the package 'erl-cowboy', but in practise this are unwieldy to build an application with - this module seeks to provide a more functional set of behaviours around the low level bindings - more sspecifically, the more REST oriented side of things.

So for example, a complete web server serving some static content would look like this

A complete web server

  Stetson.configure                       -- Start configuring Stetson
    # Stetson.route "/" routeHandler      -- Define a route, invoke 'routeHandler' to find out about it
    # Stetson.port 8080                   -- Listen on port 8080
    # Stetson.bindTo 0 0 0 0              -- And all interfaces
    # Stetson.startClear "http_listener"  -- Start the listener

-- Our route handler..
routeHandler :: StetsonHandler Unit -- Has a type of 'Unit' - this is the state that gets passed around to all callbacks 
routeHandler =
  Rest.handler (\req -> Rest.initResult req unit)  -- Callback invoked on init, define the initial state (in this case, 'unit')
    # Rest.contentTypesProvided (\req state -> Rest.result (tuple2 "text/html" writeText : nil) req state) -- Callback to provide list of handlers for different content types
    # Rest.yeeha -- Finish defining the handler
    writeText req state = do -- Callback invoked when we want to serve text/html as above
      Rest.result "Hello World" req state) -- The result of providing text/html, Hello World

An actual example with more context can be found in the demo project


This software, and the opinionated libraries written to support it are very much "works in progress" - we are actively using and building these libraries out for use in own commercial software and can and will be making any changes required to further support that development. As such, they come without support and a disclaimer very much of "be it on your own heads". That said - feel free to reach out and talk to us if you have ideas though, improvements and suggestions are welcome in pull requests and conversation.

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