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To view the generator in all its glory, visit

Safari users The app is posted to as an iFrame. Due to compatibility issues, Safari users may be unable to use the app. Please view in Chrome v.52+ or Firefox v.48+.

This truth-table generator allows you to compare how Classical, Lukasiewicz, Gödel, and Kleene logics compute propositional formulas. Simply enter a formula, choose a logic and view the resulting table. Some notes on form:

Any letter on the keyboard, excepting 'v' can be used as a variable. 'V' is reserved as the symbol for disjunction.

Keyboard symbols for operators:

'v' : Disjunction/Or/⋁

'&' : Conjunction/and/⋀

'>' : Conditional/If-then/ →

'%' : Bi-conditional/if-and-only-if/↔

'~' : Negation/Not/¬

Every formula and sub-formula must be bracketed by parentheses, such that there are twice as many parentheses as binary operators. 'v' , '>' , '&' , '%' are binary operators. '~' is a unary operator, so the parentheses rule does not apply to it. I.e. ( F v B) ; ((D & ~ D) % ~(C v C)) ; but NOT! ((F v B)) ; and NOT ! (~C)

Any symbol that is not a letter, a parentheses or an operator is disallowed. I.e. [~9 # p] is not a well-formed formula.

Example well-formed formulas:

'Jane will go to the circus, if and only if Marcus or Logan is on stage' becomes: (J % (M v L))

'Luba loves ice cream when it is sunny, but not when it is gray out' becomes: ((S > L) & (~S >~L))