PS4 update decryption.
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A utility to invoke the PS4 kernel to decrypt the contents of an update file.

The default (hardcoded) operation is to decrypt /mnt/usb0/PS4UPDATE.PUP.

This will output a number of files (depending if a normal or a recovery update):

  • /mnt/usb0/PS4UPDATE1.PUP.dec
  • /mnt/usb0/PS4UPDATE2.PUP.dec
  • /mnt/usb0/PS4UPDATE3.PUP.dec
  • /mnt/usb0/PS4UPDATE4.PUP.dec

These decrypted updates can then be unpacked using pup_unpack.


You will probably need my fork of PS4-SDK that has my changes to libPS4 to build.

The PS4 will refuse to decrypt updates in some cases:

  • Versions older than the installed version (for the most part, there's exceptions for things like beta versions).
  • Versions for a different product code (retail cannot decrypt test or debug updates).

A list of updates decrypted on a 1.76 retail system.