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PS4 library documentation.

See also

Available versions

JSON Format

Documentation is split across a file for each executable, to improve diffs.

  "shared_object_name": "<name if is a shared library>",
  "shared_object_names": [
    "<imported shared object name>"
  "modules": [
      "name": "<module name>",
      "version_major": 0,
      "version_minor": 0,
      "libraries": [
          "name": "<library name>",
          "version": 0,
          "is_export": false,
          "symbols": [
              "id": 9819116604689812748,
              "hex_id": "884482872EAD0D0C",
              "encoded_id": "iESChy6tDQw",
              "type": "<symbol type>",
              "name": "<symbol name>"

is_export indicates if that library is exported, if false, it is imported.

  • type when not present is Function. Can be Function, Object, TLS, or Unknown11 (TBD).
  • name is either not present or is null when the name for the symbol is unknown.
  • hex_id and encoded_id are included for human convenience and are not used by tools.