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Emacs helpers for working with sailfish os scratchbox (SDK).



The package can be installed via MELPA. The package name is sailfish-scratchbox.


The package contains pre-defined variables for easy working out-of-the-box but these settings may not suit each user. You may customize these variables in your .dir-locals.el file:

((nil . (
            (sailfish-scratchbox-interpreter . "bash -ic")
            (sailfish-scratchbox-which-sdk . "sdk")
            (sailfish-scratchbox-mb2-build . "mb2 build")
            (sailfish-scratchbox-mb2-build-options . "")
            (sailfish-scratchbox-build-buffer-name . "*scratchbox build*")
            (sailfish-scratchbox-deploy-buffer-name . "*scratchbox deploy*")
            (sailfish-scratchbox-deploy-rpms-command . "scp RPMS/*.rpm nemo@")
            (sailfish-scratchbox-install-in-sdk . "sb2 -R rpm -i RPMS/*.rpm --force --verbose")

Here are their descriptions:

  • sailfish-scratchbox-interpreter - the interpreter to be used for invoking further scratchbox commands.
  • sailfish-scratchbox-which-sdk - the command to open the sailfish sdk - according to the sailfish sdk installation guide it is an alias sdk which is installed into .bashrc file.
  • sailfish-scratchbox-mb2-build - the mb2 build script for building the project.
  • sailfish-scratchbox-mb2-build-options - additional options to be passed to mb2 build script.
  • sailfish-scratchbox-build-buffer-name - the build buffer name.
  • sailfish-scratchbox-deploy-buffer-name - the build buffer name.
  • sailfish-scratchbox-deploy-rpms-command - the command for copying project artifacts (rpm files) to the phone. Must not ask user anything because there is no possibility for user input in the compilation buffer.
  • sailfish-scratchbox-install-in-sdk - the command for installing project artifacts (rpm files) into the sdk (target).


  • sailfish-scratchbox-mb2-build - build the project in which the current buffer is in.
  • sailfish-scratchbox-deploy-rpms - copy the project artifacts onto the phone.
  • sailfish-scratchbox-install-rpms - install the project artifacts into the sdk (target).


Using the package is very simple: open any file of a project in a buffer and then call the needed function - it will automatically find the project root and perform operations there.


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