rsync scheduler for open source mirror site
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Mirror is an open source python application for mirror site (e.g. to sync files from upstreams (it uses rsync internally), it actually works like a cron, but still has some differences. It has been served for with more than 40 rsync tasks.

You are welcome to send comments, patches and any others to github or to @idealities.



  • Shang Yuanchun
  • Bob Gao

For contributors and past developers see: AUTHORS

Installation Instructions

You can install mirror by running pip:

sudo pip install mirror

Or if you want to build and install from source:

python build
sudo python install

If from source, you can install it to a custom directory:

python install --root=/tmp

After that, you are going to set up environment, you are encouraged to add a specific user to run mirrord, here we suppose the username is mirror and its home directory is /home/mirror.

Make necessary directories:

sudo mkdir /var/log/mirrord /var/log/rsync
sudo chown mirror:mirror /var/log/mirrord /var/log/rsync
mkdir ~/.config/mirror
cp config/mirror.ini ~/.config/mirror/

Now you can edit mirror.ini to fit your needs and run:


and that's done. Also you can use man mirrord or mirrord -h to read the documents.

If mirrord is running, you can run:

mirrord -t

to show the current task queue.





  • It's simple and easy to add a mirror
  • You can set a priorty for each mirror, from 1 to 10, 1 is highest
  • And scheduler will schedule a task depending on current conditions
  • You can also set a timeout for each mirror
  • Support for two stage syncing (for ubuntu, debian)
  • You can also use it as another cron...