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  1. Idephix

    💥 Automation and deploy tool - ALPHA release - things can catch fire in any moment!

    PHP 67 22

  2. vagrant-php-template

    Vagrant and Ansible configuration to build a lamp stack on ubuntu 14.04 trusty64 or 12.04 precise64. The purpose of this repository is to create an essential vagrant for PHP development.

    Shell 17 3

  3. frontsize-less

    For the updated version checkout frontsize-sass

    CSS 11 3

  4. frontsize

    🎨 A fully customizable CSS generator

    CSS 7

  5. vagrun

    Commmand-line tool that helps start and configure a PHP Vagrant from scratch

    PHP 10

  6. mister-t

    Every morning he will check your timesheet...and you don't want to make him angry.

    JavaScript 2 1

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