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jQuery UI Panel (Content Grouping) widget with horizontal and vertical sliding
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NOTE: This Panel plugin version is somewhat outdated, if not to say unsupported.
      You might be interesting in a new version of this plugin.
      It can be found at repository.
      To be more precise at


'Panel / Content Grouping' Draft for jQuery UI

Grab documentation & latest source at

See demo.htm for usage examples.

Report bugs to

Source code is also available at jQuery UI Labs

Read more about Panel widget concept at jQuery UI public wiki


	* changed: refactored to jQuery UI 1.8 (also removed 'disable' method now implemented in jquery.ui.widget.js)
	* fixed: issue #1 on github: panel state not restored from cookie data
	* fixed: issue #2 on github: unnecessary styling of destroyed panels
	* fixed: issue #3 on github: error on stackable panel destroy

	* changed: refactored to jQuery 1.4
	* changed: 'trueVerticalText' parameter now defaults to 'true'

	* new: 'width' option - if set panel's width will be adjusted according to given value
	* new: 'stackable' option - if true, special stack area (navigation window emulation) is automatically created for 'slide-left' & 'slide-right' collapseType panels only
	* new: advanced demo page 'demo.htm', old demo renamed into 'demo_simple.htm'
	* changed: improved destroy method
	* changed: improved title text positioning in vertical panels with 'trueVerticalText'
	* changed: source code reformatted (tabs converted to spaces)

	* fixed: issue #4 (true vertical text is not rendered in Opera - svg generation failed when font-family css property contained quotes)

	* fixed: 'pointer' cursor over panel title on non-collapsible panels (changed to 'default')
	* fixed: issue #3 (Panel state is not stored in a cookie)

	* new: 'disable' method (& 'disabled' option)

	* changed: 'collapsed' ident moved from tag attribute to .data

	* new: 'draggable' option (depends on jQuery UI Draggable)
	* fixed: vertical svg text now themeroller compliant
	* fixed: panel content top border removed

	* fixed: unfold by header click for 'trueVerticalText' sliding left/right panels (Firefox, Opera)
	* fixed: panel content wider than the header when unfolded( noticed with jQuery UI Dialog)

	* new: 'content' method
	* new: vertical text rendering implementation (experimental svg/filter) - 'trueVerticalText' option
	* fixed: issue #2 (no collapse button on 'slide-right' panel when controls element is undefined)

	* new: save panel state with cookie (depends on jQuery Cookie plugin)
	* new: accordion behavior
	* new: toggle method exposed

	* new: 'fold' and 'unfold' callback functions
	* new: on destroy: unbind actions that are bound to the panel
	* changed: _toggle() method modified

	* new: rounded corners added
	* changed: _toggle method rewritten (now supports initially collapsed mode for slide panel types)
	* changed: collapse button borders removed
	* fixed: css collapse controls style fix

	* new: destroy() method
	* fixed: some nested spans

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