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SassLint Plugin

Idea support for SassLint A Node-only Sass linter for both sass and scss syntax. see more here.
SassLint plugin for WebStorm, PHPStorm and other Idea family IDE with Javascript plugin, provides integration with SassLint and shows errors and warnings inside the editor.

  • Support displaying SassLint warnings as intellij inspections

Getting started


  • NodeJS
  • IntelliJ 13.1.4 / Webstorm 8.0.4, or above.

Install sass-lint npm package sass-lint npm:

$ cd <project path>
$ npm install sass-lint

Or, install sass-lint globally:

$ npm install -g sass-lint


To get started, you need to set the SassLint plugin settings:

  • Go to preferences, SassLint plugin page and check the Enable plugin.
  • Set the path to the nodejs interpreter bin file.
  • Set the path to the sass-lint bin file. should point to <project path>node_modules/sass-lint/bin/sass-lint if you installed locally or /usr/local/bin/sass-lint if you installed globally.
    • For Windows: install sass-lint globally and point to the sass-lint cmd file like, e.g. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\npm\sass-lint.cmd
  • Select whether to let sass-lint search for .sass-lint.yml file