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MagicMirror project for balenaCloud projects
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This projects combines the MagicMirror² project with the balenaCloud platform.

How to install

  • Clone this repository
  • Initialize the submodules
    • execute git submodule update --init --recursive

Add your config.js

The config.js file defines the content of your MagicMirror. Modify the existing config.js file in MagicMirror/config as you like.

Add modules

Modules must be placed in the MagicMirror/modules. You can use git submodules or just copy the module into this directory.

Upload to your project

  • Install the balena CLI tools and push to your project
    • balena push MY_PROJECT
  • Add the enviromental variable WPE_URL with the IP and port of your MagicMirror project to display the interface on the balena-wpe browser.

Known issues

  • Unstable MagicMirror service (restarting every now and then)
  • browser starting before the MagicMirror service has been starting resulting in a white screen
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