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This projects combines the MagicMirror² project with the balenaCloud platform. It drastically improves management of multiple MagicMirror² devices.


  • Free Balena Cloud Account (Depending on how many devices you want to manage)
  • Raspberry Pi (Not the Zero)

How to setup

  • Clone this repository to your local PC
  • Initialize submodules
    • execute git submodule update --init --recursive

Add your config.js

The config.js file defines the content of your MagicMirror. Modify the existing config.js file in MagicMirror/config as you like.

Mandatory fleet configuration

You need to set the GPU memory to something suitable for hardware accelerated graphics. You can set only one of the following if you know how much RAM your Pi has or you can set all of them and your Pi will autoselect based on its memory.

Checkout the balena-wpe project for more information, it is used to display the MagicMirror² interface

Key Value
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem_256 128
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem_512 196
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem_1024 396

Add modules

Modules must be placed in MagicMirror/modules. You can use git submodules or just copy the module into this directory.

Upload to your project

  • Install the balena CLI tools and push to your project by executing balena push MY_PROJECT
  • You should see a unicorn if everything is finished
  • In your balena cloud dashboard you should see your device (or fleet) to update and fetch the just pushed changes

Additional Configuration


In Balena Cloud add an environment variable named TZ, as a value add your timezone according to this documentation

The environmental variable can either be added to the whole fleet, or just to an individual device

Rotating Display

Add RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_display_rotate as a custom configuration variable, note the values below.

Description Value
Normal 0
90° 1
180° 2
270° 3

Things you should know

MagicMirror² Network Port

You can't use the port 8080, it is already used by the "Browser" service. The default port has been changed to 90 instead.

Known issues

  • Unstable MagicMirror service (restarting every now and then)
  • Browser starting before the MagicMirror service has been started resulting in a white screen on rare occasions
    • Workaround: Just restart the Browser service when this happens



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